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Paper Hanger Series


Based on the ‘gravity principle’ the Paper Hanger Series utilises an aluminum extrusion that encases internal aluminum rods designed to grip and hang paper for display purposes.

The Paper Hanger Series is ideal for notes, messages, architectural plans, displays, posters or boardroom presentations. It should be installed using double-stick foam tape directly to a wall or any other clean flat surface.

The Paper Hanger Series is available in lengths up to 74" and can be cut by Systech to your required size.

How it works


To operate, insert the paper in behind the Paper Hanger’s aluminum rods. The paper is gripped in place through gravity, the rods and the grooved surface within the extrusion.

The Paper Hanger can be used as a stand alone product. Simply mount it to a flat surface with double-stick foam tape.

Use it with the Architectural Modular Series

The Paper Hanger can also be used with the Architectural Modular Series.
The Paper Hanger’s 13/16" high extrusion allows for it to be mounted directly the AM Series’ 13/16" Insert with the use of double-stick foam tape. It can only be attached to the bottom Insert on an AM Series sign.


The Paper Hanger Series longest length available is 74".

Longer lengths can be achieved by butt-joining multiple units which will only require End Caps on the extreme outer ends to secure the rods.

End Caps must be used on the outer ends of a Paper Hanger for the system to function.

Systech can cut the Paper Hanger Series to your required length. There are no standard sizes, simply nominate the size you require.


External Frame -   The Paper Hanger Series’ external aluminum extrusion is Satin Natural Anodized Finish. (Clear Anodized)

Rods -                    The internal rods are aluminum and the finish is Satin Natural Anodized 

End Caps -             The End Caps attached to either end of the Paper Hanger Frame are black plastic.
                               These are only available in black. They cannot be painted.

Painting -               The External Frame can be painted to your desired color.

                                Painting of the following parts is not possible: inside the frame, the rods, the End Caps.

Installation & Mounting

A Paper Hanger can be mounted directly to a wall or any flat surface with the use of double sided foam tape.

If incorporation onto an AM Series sign is required the Paper Hanger is designed to be attached directly to a 31/16" high Insert with double stick tape. The Paper Hanger can only be added to the bottom insert on a sign.

The symbols above indicate the mounting options available to the Paper Hanger Series. Contact Systech for more detailed information.

Suitable Uses

The Paper Hanger Series is suited to a wide range of different applications.

Suitable for interior use only, the application options include: 

  • Displaying posters,

  • Notes,

  • Architectural drawings,

  • Messages,

  • Reports,

  • Schedules

  • Boardroom presentations.

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