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Modular Window
Sign Series


The Modular Window Sign Series is a frame system that is designed to house printed paper inserts.

This modular sign system is designed to provide an efficient and effective means of displaying interchanging graphics and copy with minimal investment of time and resources.

Signage owners can personally amend signage quickly and easily using a computer and a printer. 

The Modular Window Sign is designed to be a stand-alone product and due to its slim design, it also integrates easily with Systech’s popular Architectural Modular Series system. Combining the two systems enables the introduction of headers, footers or side panels, thus adding further options to the signage design and usability. 

How it works


To operate, simply slide the acrylic cover to one side, this allows for the removal and replacement of the printed paper. The flexible End Cap simply flips open as the acrylic is pushed to one side. This sign does not require any tools or clip devices to change or update the paper. There are no removable components.

As the Modular Window Sign is a side opening unit, the sign must be clearly accessible on either the left or the right side of the installed sign.

Each unit is made up of:

  • a non-glare acrylic face,

  • an aluminum C channel frame

  • flexible gray End Caps. The End Caps are attached on the left and right hand sides.


The Modular Window Sign Series is ideal for door signs, room signs, cubicle signs, room identification, hospital and patient identification, meeting or conference room signs, menus, phone extension lists and floor plans.

The signs can be used to display photographic material as well as information and marketing material on white or colored paper, light-weight cardboard and clear lexan.

The Modular Window Sign is not waterproof and therefore is suitable for interior use only.


The Modular Window Sign is available in a variety of sizes.

  • The smallest size is 4 1/8" wide X 2 7/16" high.

  • The largest size is Letter Size in either portrait or landscape orientation. For sizes larger than Letter size, please refer to the Poster Holder Series.


Systech can also customize sizes and layouts according to customer preference and design.

See download below for more information regarding some of our standard sizes.


Frame/Channel - The Modular Window Sign Series has an aluminum C Channel frame that is in Satin Natural Anodized finish.

End Caps - The flexible End Caps are matte gray plastic, these are designed to complement the unit’s Satin Natural Anodized finish.

Painted Finish Option

The aluminum C Channel frame can be painted in house prior to assembly by Systech to a custom color if required. 
The flexible gray End Caps can also be painted to match, however we do advise that the paint on the End Caps may wear with frequent use.

Installation & Mounting

Depending on the size of each individual Modular Window Sign, there are a variety of ways the sign can be attached to the desired surface.

The symbols above indicate the mounting options available to the Modular Window Sign Series.


Please contact Systech Signage for more detailed information as to the best installation methods.

Suitable Uses

The Modular Window Sign Series is suited to a wide range of different applications.

Suitable for interior use only, some application options include:

  • Door Signs

  • Personnel Signs    

  • Staff notices

  • Cubicle Signs

  • Workstation Signs     

  • Messages    

  • Evacuation procedures

  • Menus    

  • Price lists    

  • Opening hours  

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