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Poster Holder Series


The Poster Holder Series is a modular graphic framing system. The units are designed to provide an efficient and effective way to display interchanging posters and larger format graphic information with minimal investment of time or resources.

Signage and graphics can be amended quickly and simply by printing your own computer generated graphics.

The slim design of the Poster Holder Series lends itself well to being integrated easily with Systech’s popular Architectural Modular Series sign system. Combining the two systems enables the introduction of headers, footers or a directory board, thus adding further options to the signage design.

How it works


The Poster Holder Series consists of an aluminum backing panel, a U-channel frame at the top and the bottom of the unit, a clear non-glare acrylic face and gray End Caps.


Changeover of your poster can be made quickly by lifting the acrylic cover off in an upwards motion towards the top of the unit. The cover simply lifts off allowing you access to the poster. Just replace the cover when you are finished.

The Poster Holder can be used to display photographic material as well as information and marketing material on white or colored paper, and light-weight cardboard.

A Poster Holder is not waterproof and therefore is suitable for interior use only.



A Poster Holder is available in 8 standard sizes, 4 in portrait orientation and 4 in landscape orientation.
The sizes range from Letter Size to 24" X 36" paper size. 

  • LS    Portrait and Landscape

  • PH1  Portrait and Landscape

  • PH2  Portrait and Landscape

  • PH3  Portrait and Landscape 

Custom Sizes

Custom sizes are available. You can request any size in between 8 1/2" X 11" and 24" X 36".  
Please nominate your paper size, or alternatively advise the overall outside to outside dimensions of the completed Poster Holder. We will make it to your specifications.  


Frame -         The U Channel top and bottom frame on the Poster Holder is matte gray plastic

End Caps -   The End Caps are matte gray

Cover -         The front cover on the Poster Holder is non-glare acrylic

Back Panel - The backing panel is satin natural anodized aluminum

Systech can paint the Frame and the End Caps of the Poster Holder in-house prior to assembly of the unit to custom match the PMS color of your choice.

We do not paint the Back Panel as it will not be seen once a Poster is placed inside the frame.

Installation & Mounting

Depending on the size of each individual Poster Holder, there are a number of ways the unit can be attached to your desired surface. Silicone and double-stick tape, or concealed screw fixing are popular and recommended installation options.

Please contact Systech Signage for more detailed information.

Suitable Uses

The Poster Holder Series is suited to wide range of different applications.

  • Suitable for interior use only, the application options include: 

  • Poster displays

  • Promotions    

  • Schedules    

  • Evacuation procedures    

  • Hospital patient information    

  • Directories

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